TGdesignworks principal Teresa Gustafson started her graphic design career way back in 1986. It was a different world, the old days.

For example, people had to entirely power-down the computer, just to unplug or add a device. Everyone used a slow, squealing modem and a telephone landline to go on the internet. E-mail was up and coming.

The internet was a dry, dusty place full of listserves and interfaceless coded pages. The world was more of a monotone: green like the Matrix or yellow like a… neon banana. But it was slow and clanky, mostly because it was just a baby.

It could be a bit boring for us designers. Too much process — not enough of a result.

Today, it’s a very different picture. With a modern computer, the sky is the limit. And not just creativity is enhanced. So are the important little jobs: revisions are simple, printing costs are minimal, e-publishing allows anyone to claim No trees were harmed.

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